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4-6 pm

Person Recital Hall
Voice Masterclass with Darryl Taylor
(University of California-Irvine)
African American Art Song with the voice students.

7-8:30 pm

Person Recital Hall
B.N. Duke Atrium Players
featuring compositions of Adolphus Hailstork, David Baker and Samuel Coleridge Taylor


8:45 am

Person Recital Hall
Welcome - Terry Rhodes, Chair, UNC Music Department and Louise Toppin, Director, Videmus.

9:00-10:45 am

Person Recital Hall
Panel: The Future of African American Music Research and Scholarship.
Moderator: Maurice Wheeler (University of North Texas)
Panelists: Marti Newland (Columbia University), William Banfield (Berklee College of Music), Dwight Andrews (Emory University)

12:45-2 pm

Hill Hall, Room 107
Professor Emeritus Tufts University First Board President, of Videmus, 1986

2-3 pm

Hill Hall, Room 107
Lecture: "Global Griot: Herbie Hancock and the Shifting Context of Postmodernism in Jazz."
Presenter: Tammy Kernodle (Miami University of Ohio)

3:30-5:30 pm

Hill Hall, Room 107
Discussion/Concert: Vocal Music of Early Art Song Composers Harry Burleigh, Nathaniel Dett, Clarence Cameron White and Samuel Coleridge Taylor.
Moderator: Jon Finson (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Presenters: Jean Snyder (Edinboro University), Roland Carter (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga) Regina McConnell (Emeritus, The University of Maryland/Catholic University), Gail Robinson-Oturu (Austin Peay University), Timothy Sparks (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Marvin Mills.

5:30-6:30 pm

Hill Hall, Room 107
Concert: African American Art Song

7:30 pm

Memorial Hall (Carolina Performing Arts)
Concert: Herbie Hancock


9-10:45 am

Hill Hall, Room 107
Panel: Building Black Music at HBCUs-Perspectives on Hampton University
Moderator: David Pier (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Presenters: Nita Karpf (Case Western Reserve), Chris Wells (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Respondent: David Garcia (UNC-Chapel Hill)

11-1 pm

Hill Hall, Room 107
Panel Discussion: Music of Composers born, 1971-1991.
Moderator: Julius Williams (Berklee College of Music)
Presenters: Marian Harrison (Spelman College), Nkeiru Okoye (Hofstra University), Sherisse Rogers, Ivy Julease Newman

2-4 pm

Person Recital Hall
Concert: Works of Women and African American Composers by UNC Music Students

>4:30-6:30 pm

Kenan Rehearsal Hall
Concert- Jazz Interlude: compositions of Sherisse Rogers
UNC Jazz band, James Ketch conductor

8 pm

Hill Hall Auditorium
Faculty Chamber Recital. Contemporary Music Trends: Works of David Baker, Zenobia Perry, Anthony Kelley, Leslie Adams, and Margaret Bonds.
Guest artists Lisa Edwards Burrs (Virginia State University), soprano, David Heid (Duke University) piano, and UNC faculty Brent Wissick, cello, Cameron Britt, percussion, Don Oehler, clarinet, Brooks De Wetter Smith, flute, Tommy Otten, piano and Evan Feldman conductor




9:30-10:30 am

Person Recital Hall
African American Piano Repertoire for the Studio Teacher
Presenters: Ann Sears (Wheaton College), Steinway artist Donal Fox and Karen Walwyn (Duke University Fellow/Howard University)

10:45-12 pm

Person Recital Hall
Piano Masterclass with Karen Walwyn
(Duke University Fellow/Howard University)


9:45-11 am

Hill Hall Auditorium
Panel: Spirituals vs. Art Songs - Issues of interpretation.
Moderator: Gerald Knight, (Elon University)
Presenter: Willis Patterson (Emeritus, University of Michigan) and Uzee Brown (Morehouse College)

11-12:30 pm

Hill Hall Auditorium
Choral Clinic on African American Music
Presenters: David Morrow (Morehouse College)

12:30-1:15 pm

Hill Hall Auditorium
African American composition choral reading session with Roland Carter (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga), D'Walla Burke (Winston-Salem State University), and Damon Dandridge (Michigan State University)

1:30-2:30 pm

Hill Hall Auditorium
GIA reading choral with James Abbington (Emory University)


10:45-11:45 am

Hill Hall, Room 107
Panel: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Treemonisha
Moderator: Horace Maxile (Center for Black Music Research)
Presenters: Genna Rae McNeill (UNC- Chapel Hill), Ann Sears (Wheaton College) and William Andrews (UNC-Chapel Hill)

12-1:30 pm

Hill Hall, Room 107
Panel: The Black Composer: Past Perspectives, Current Trends and Future Directions.
Moderator: Horace Maxile
Presenters include: Adolphus Hailstork (Old Dominion University), Anthony Kelley (Duke University), Trevor Weston (Drew University), William Banfield (Berklee College of Music) and Steinway artist Donal Fox.


2:30-4 pm

Person Recital Hall
Panel: Legendary Southern Opera Divas
Moderator: George Shirley (Emeritus, University of Michigan/Metropolitan Opera)
Panelists: Hilda Harris (Metropolitan Opera), Martha Flowers (La Scala Opera), Leona Mitchell (Metropolitan Opera)

4-6:30 pm

Hill Hall, Room 107
Discussion: Reflections on Composer William Grant Still
Presenter: Judith Ann Still

Hill Hall Auditorium
Operas: Highway One USA (Still) and Dream Lovers (Coleridge Taylor) by UNC Opera

Q&A with Gail Murchison (William and Mary) and Judith Still following the performance.

8 pm

Hill Hall Auditorium
Concert: A Night at the Opera
Solo Artists: George Shirley, Leona Mitchell, Marquita Lister, Robert Honeysucker, Sam McKelton, Anthony Turner, Laura English Robinson, Daniel Washington, Patricia Miller, Deborah Nansteel, Louise Toppin, Lori Hicks, Donal Fox. Noriko Yasuda, and Patrick O'Donnell, pianists


10:30-12 pm

Person Recital Hall
From a Woman's Perspective papers and performance
Reeves Shulstad (Appalachian State) on Tui St. George Tucker, Angela Mace (Duke University) on Fanny Hensel

12-2 pm

Person Recital Hall
Masterclass with Marquita Lister

3 pm

Hill Hall Auditorium
Recital: Darryl Taylor, Countertenor
Music of Living Women and African American Composers


Leona Mitchell
Tim Holley
T. J. Anderson
Dwight Andrews
Jean Snyder
Judith Still
Marti Newland
Maurice Wheeler
Nkeiru Okoye
Annegret Fauser
Regina McConnell
Martha Flowers
Elvira Green
Guthrie Ramsey
Roland Carter
Jon Finson
Gail Robinson-Oturu
Timothy Sparks
David Pier
Nita Karpf
Chris Wells
David Garcia
Ira Wiggins
Marian Harrison
Sherisse Rogers
Joseph Jones
Adolphus Hailstork
Brent Wissick
Lisa Edwards-Burrs
Brooks de Wetter Smith
Don Oehler
Lenora Helm
Richard Banks
Ivy Newman
Marvin Mills
Cameron Britt
T.J. McNair
Maurio Hines
James Abbington
Patricia Miller
Laura English Robinson
Daniel Washington
Patrick O'Domnell
Ann Sears
Candace Bailey
Julius Williams
Darryl Taylor
David Heid
Karen Walwyn
Willis Patterson
Uzee Brown
David Morrow
Trevor Weston
Anthony Kelley
Bill Banfield
Horace Maxile
Lori Hicks
Sam McKelton
Robert Honeysucker
Anthony Turner
Gerald Knight
Donal Fox
D'Walla Burke
Damon Dandrige
Charsie Sawyer
Brandi Diggs
Brandi Hancock
Deborah Nansteel
Joy Harrell
Tammy Kernodle
Genna Rae McNeill
William Andrews
Hilda Harris
Judith Still
Marquita Lister
Marvin Mills
Gail Murchison
George Shirley
UNC faculty
UNC students
Noriko Yasuda
Thomas Otten
Candace Johnson
Marvin Curtis
Reeves Shulstad
James Ketch
Steve Anderson
Angela Mace
Christina Davison
Ed Paolantonio
Derison Duarte
Sponsors include: The University of North Carolina, The University of North Carolina Department of Music,
The Center for the Study of the American South, The Department of History at UNC,
The UNC Office of the Dean of Arts and Science,
Carolina Performing Arts,The UNC Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, The Center for Black Music Research,
Wells Fargo Bank, The National Association of Negro Musicians